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king of love
bleeding wednesday
i'm sure
already gone
the door
this life
at Your feet
life with a broken heart
mess of me
God of all
part of me
you alone
the silence and the tuesdays
no lullabye
under grace
only for you
if i told you
a prayer
hey pandora
take me down
something true
pretty faces
karen and fool
my savior
been quiet
attic window
you're like the night
in your hands
a beautiful mess
hallelujah glory
tomorrow's coming
forever is a long time
let my life be a worship


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well this day is slow
and i'm not sure tomorrow's gonna get here
you know it's hard to wait this time

when tomorrow comes
will you be sitting by the wayside?
hey, can i sit with you a while

well this life is short
and we don't know how long we're gonna be here
i know it's hard to bide your time

so let's talk about
the dreams and fears that make us close our eyes
(the deeper things, the meaning of this life)
we'll breathe in deep and sigh

tomorrow's coming and history is passing us by
stick out your thumb and hitch a ride
i know waiting here is hard, but there's a reason and a rhyme
no, we are not just wasting time

well this life is hard
and i don't know when heaven's gonna get here
you know it's hard to bide my time

when heaven comes
you know you'll find me dancing on the wayside
come and dance with me a while

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