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king of love
bleeding wednesday
i'm sure
already gone
the door
this life
at Your feet
life with a broken heart
mess of me
God of all
part of me
you alone
the silence and the tuesdays
no lullabye
under grace
only for you
if i told you
a prayer
hey pandora
take me down
something true
pretty faces
karen and fool
my savior
been quiet
attic window
you're like the night
in your hands
a beautiful mess
hallelujah glory
tomorrow's coming
forever is a long time
let my life be a worship


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i'm in so many places
don't think one of them is here
somewhere i was torn in pieces
i am afraid of my own fear

but everyone says you're grand
and everyone still thinks i'm fine
i think each of these thoughts
and then i still run out of time

pretty faces, pretty far
i remember talking in the car
two hits spun me hard around
just one more, will i fall down?

so i'm just taking up my time
hope that i don't waste your life
i'm still moving but going slow
my life is not a TV show

words have always failed me
i think i failed them too
with answers still so hard to see
i'm afraid i'll fail you

pretty faces, pretty far
is no one left without the scar
a billion people spinning round
bring the hit, i won't fall down

be careful reading into me
the truth is not that hard to see
simply complex, we're all a mess
you're on my mind, i must confess

we're looking for the secret message
with wedding bands and decoder rings
yeah life ain't what we thought it was
but that's no excuse, that's no excuse

pretty faces, pretty scars
are you and i really that far
i'm tired of spinning, start the ride
we needn't be perfect inside

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