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king of love
bleeding wednesday
i'm sure
already gone
the door
this life
at Your feet
life with a broken heart
mess of me
God of all
part of me
you alone
the silence and the tuesdays
no lullabye
under grace
only for you
if i told you
a prayer
hey pandora
take me down
something true
pretty faces
karen and fool
my savior
been quiet
attic window
you're like the night
in your hands
a beautiful mess
hallelujah glory
tomorrow's coming
forever is a long time
let my life be a worship


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there's a piece of me that's falling
dripping out onto the floor
i can't keep, i can't contain it
so you're turning for the door

it's a typical assumption
about friends now wanting more
broken hearts, they are quite common
but was friendship just a chore?

what's a friend without presence?
what's love when you are gone?
there's a reason that i've said this
i've been quiet far too long

what are words when we're not speaking?
what good can come of talking small?
don't pretend there's nothing new here
you've been quiet far too long

you took it farther than was needed
said i tried harder than i should
how could you forget forgiving
give me a chance, i wish you would

you already knew of the question
so why make it be so hard?
i'd take any word but maybe
but you took it too far

there is something here between us
an elephant filling the room
it is sure to tear this house down
if we don't talk about it soon

listen to me, listen closely
and i'll say it one more time
you can't give back the words i've spoken
you can't pretend that things are fine

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