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king of love
bleeding wednesday
i'm sure
already gone
the door
this life
at Your feet
life with a broken heart
mess of me
God of all
part of me
you alone
the silence and the tuesdays
no lullabye
under grace
only for you
if i told you
a prayer
hey pandora
take me down
something true
pretty faces
karen and fool
my savior
been quiet
attic window
you're like the night
in your hands
a beautiful mess
hallelujah glory
tomorrow's coming
forever is a long time
let my life be a worship


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well, she keeps asking,
"are you leaving any time soon?"
she asks me, "where will you go?"
what she don't know is
i've been gone six months now
but i still don't have a place to go

stand at the corner
of 17th and State
thinking, "hey, i've been here before"
one way leads home
the other leads to somewhere
just where that is, i'm not so sure

i gotta get out of this town
i gotta go where my heart's already gone
i gotta get out of this town
move north of where my fears have made their home

last week i saw myself again
in the mirror hangin'
on the wall of my room
the eyes i saw
looked so broken and alone,
hiding behind a smile i don't feel

yeah i don't feel.
well, do i have to?
'cause i've been here before
yeah, i've been here before

and i don't feel
not sure i want to
but i'm thinking maybe if i do
i'm thinking maybe you will too
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