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king of love
bleeding wednesday
i'm sure
already gone
the door
this life
at Your feet
life with a broken heart
mess of me
God of all
part of me
you alone
the silence and the tuesdays
no lullabye
under grace
only for you
if i told you
a prayer
hey pandora
take me down
something true
pretty faces
karen and fool
my savior
been quiet
attic window
you're like the night
in your hands
a beautiful mess
hallelujah glory
tomorrow's coming
forever is a long time
let my life be a worship


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Lord, you are my gracious King
you've heard me cry, you've heard me sing
now once again i lift to you
this simple prayer

i know i am a sinful man
with unclean lips and unclean hands
yet you have taken me from death
into life

so help me live as your child
a holy temple, a blushing bride
help me love you as i should
until the day you return

may your people be as one
may your will on earth be done
though we long for kingdom come
we are living here

open our hearts, open our hands
to live out love and take a stand
to show the grace, to show the truth
that is found in you

and i know that we are not
perfect yet, living in this flesh
but in our weakness you are strong
new life has begun

Lord, i would rather have you be
not what i want but what i need
so take my heart and set my gaze
on you

and may i be a light within
this dark world of hurt and sin
though i know it's not my home
i am living here

help me trust you like a child
unafraid to laugh, unafraid to cry
and hold on tightly to my hand
when i don't understand

Lord, you are a loving King
you hear me cry, you hear me sing
so once again i lift to you
this simple prayer

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