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tomorrow a new year
love right here
bright blue fingers
always sometimes
fat monkeys
the wedge and me
not the same
i moved
i'm fine. i'm fine
the treetops
what am i doing here
still never spoken
maybe on days like this
for those i love
notes without a tune
what shall i do
looking back
don't you know
to be a better man
light, lover, fire
taken in
be here now
this something
tear me down
just give me time
against the flow


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if ever i should stumble
down sweeter lanes than this
i will admit i've wondered
what of each day i missed

the raindrops paint a picture
on the sidewalks in my mind
the grey mist sings a ballad
i stare at them and sigh

am i seeking for a lover
or do i merely seek a love
am i open to another
what are my dreams made of

do you mistake me for a sad man?
joy is not the bluer skies
Truth molds me and He holds me
know where my treasure lies

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