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tomorrow a new year
love right here
bright blue fingers
always sometimes
fat monkeys
the wedge and me
not the same
i moved
i'm fine. i'm fine
the treetops
what am i doing here
still never spoken
maybe on days like this
for those i love
notes without a tune
what shall i do
looking back
don't you know
to be a better man
light, lover, fire
taken in
be here now
this something
tear me down
just give me time
against the flow


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the music drives in deeper things
and with emotion, makes them sing
it fashions thoughts, majestic and wild
i breathe in deep, then tense, then sigh
clear running creeks
crisp autumn leaves
the blues, the greens, the golds!
a mountain breeze
a lover's tease
explorers brave and bold
the thoughts are grand
the dreams are fanned
into raging, roaring flames
desires burn
and wishes surge
oh! what if these things would be!
i'd run so fast
i'd stand so strong
and take the lady in my arms
i'd sprint for miles
set the world afire
and rescue all from harm
but who am i
i'm just a man
i'm built of flesh and bone
i'll be no hero
i'll be no god
this truth my life has shown
but still i'll listen
and still i'll dream
i hope you understand
that though i am content
i strive to be a better man

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