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i guess i'm still looking for the reasons
i can't see why you said goodbye
did i really deserve to feel this
does it matter what i deserve

i'm sure He gave us something better
i'm sure He taught us something true
i've heard it said friends are forever
so what kind of friend are you

i fear i'm bitter and mistaken
dare i trust the way i feel
i feel foolish and forsaken
are these words of yours all true

why do i write so many sad songs
it shouldn't be this way
is the right thing just to let go
or is it love to let you know
is it love to let you know the way i feel

the sun's still falling down as daylight
it might melt all of me that's cold
and should we never talk about it
you can still call me a friend

i'm sure He has His hand here
i'm sure He has good plans
if this silence is forever
i intend to love you still
i will, i'll love you still, my friend


Home run! Great sluggnig with that answer!

Posted by Kyanna at Mon May 30 15:57:30 EDT 2011
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Posted by Adheka at Fri Aug 31 11:41:55 EDT 2012

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