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Google News All the news in one place. Great for global perspective.
Christianity Today Lots of free content and good articles.
Magnatune Good music, free to listen, cheap to buy. Definitely not evil.
Comic Strips No ads. Lots of daily comic strips. One easy location.
Movie List Links to lots of movie trailers.
Slashdot News for nerds. Know what's happing in science and technology.
Grassroots Music Music reviews, free mp3s, and lots of good independent artists.
Healthy Homes Nutrition High-quality vitamins, minerals and supplements at hard-to-beat prices.
Eastpoint Church, Spokane Experiencing life's journey together.
Imago Dei Community Church, Portland Authentic community, meaning and truth, worsip and beauty, missional journey.
Homestar Runner Funny. Especially Strong Bad emails and the Teen Girl Squad.
Human Clock Pretty much what it sounds like.
View From My Window Share your window onto the world.
Nobody Here Strange... ly fascinating.
Stumbleupon A new way to browse the internet.
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers Only on the internet.
Mozilla Firefox Free browser. Safer, faster, and better than Internet Explorer.
Audacity Free audio editor. Home recording studio anyone?
GIMP Free, powerful image editor. Not as good as Adobe Photoshop, but free!
VelocityTools For easy, powerful web applications.