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A group of scientists decided that mankind had advanced far enough that they no longer needed God. So they drew straws, and the loser went to find God. When he found Him, he dithered a bit, made some small talk about the weather, and finally came out with it. "OK, look God," he said, "We've mastered space exploration, we can cure any disease, we can talk instantaneously with people around the world, we can clone human beings; basically, we don't need you any more." God listened patiently. Finally He spoke. "Tell you what," He said. "We'll settle this with a man-making contest. Each of us will make a man, and the first one to finish wins." "Sure," said the man, who headed off to consult with his colleagues. "Wait a minute," called God. The man turned. "We're going to do this the real way; the way I did it in the beginning." "No problem," responds the man, bending down to grab a handful of clay. "No, no, no," says God. "You get your own dirt."
-- Unknown

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